In May a good mate Darren and I went for a trip down to the Moyle where he popped his Barramundi cherry. We arrived in the wee hours on a Monday morning and camped till sunrise. It wasn’t long after sunrise that we hooked a solid 91cm Barra. A few hours past and a few beers disappeared from the esky and well past midday we decided to troll deep, as we were getting close to the top of the high.


So Dazza chucked a crazy deep diver on and was bashing bottom for around 10 minutes, and as the tide slowed his rod bent over, and his reel started screaming. It was quite a fight, and Dazza was clearly ecstatic.  After we caught our first glimpse, I needed to remind him that Barra are damn good escape artists. Once the solid 89cm was netted and aboard, we got the obligatory picture.


After the turn of the tide, and some lunch, we headed down to the mouth to flick a few vibes. It was all very quiet for some time, too quiet. All of a sudden we were amongst a school of ‘Threadies’. Daz again got his fix and we must give the Threadies some credit as they really challenged giving the th the rods, reels, and shoulders.


As the sun dropped below the horizon, we setup to troll the incoming tide and give it a good hard crack before we called it a night. We spotted a fish on the sounder, the excitement increased as I’m still getting used to some new equipment. Moments later Daz’s rod buckled over and he landed a fat 72cm. A quick photo, a few measurements, a tag, and it was released to fight again. Daz had a smile from ear to ear and was pumped, so we continued on the same troll path where not 5 minutes later Daz was on again. For the rest of the night Daz slayed the Barra, with him catching over 50 solid Barra and I managed over 20, a big day indeed.


The next morning we decided to find some Goldies or Jewies. But managed to land ourselves right on top of a school of Tuna. The Sashimi that night was fantastic.


Daz got a royal trip in the top end with abundance of fish, I think we will see him back again.

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