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Twin River Lures

Posted by joker on
Tackle and Equipment

Fishing gear and accessories move forward with technology, products, newer materials become more popular and more efficient and gadgets get more expensive. Fishing lures are in my opinion one area in which the pattern is just not true.


With newer plastic models being mass produced and often made with cheap materials, wooden lures on the other hand are made individually and very hard to find 2 lures the same. Its a long delicate process to make and finish wooden lures, involving many steps and ensuring all lures have the care taken to manufacture each item. This also ensures each lure to be unique and reinforced time and time again.

That’s exactly what you get when you purchase a Twin River Lure form your local tackle shop, a hand crafted lure made by a fisherman for fisherman. Nick Stock and his family create all types of lures for all types of fishing. Check him out on Facebook and say G’day from me.





Kakadu Klash 2017

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Well Kakadu Klash is completed for 2017 and what a great event, my first Klash I have fished and it was a well organised and well run event. Would like to thank my sponsors for helping us out to get out to the South Alligator event to participate. Also want to thanks Aurora Kakadu for putting on a great event. Was hard fishing for us but for our first year but we got fish on the score board, there was a lot of bait roaming the small creeks all the way to the mouth with not a lot of Barramundi hunting them.

We did head to the mouth on the second day and found fish on the sounder and got a few hits, but was a very trying and very frustrating. We finished out the day with a donut on the board much to our disgust, but that’s fishing not always going to take the lure presented. Great couple of Days on the water and cant wait to get out and smash the South Alligator again next year.



Angie’s First Mack

Posted by joker on
Fishing Trips

Took the family out for the day on the water last weekend, was hoping to do a spot of camping in the boat overnight but weather was not in our favour. We got on the water early to try to push wide before the storm rocked up but was a little to lumpy for the kids so we ran back into the cover of the harbour.

  • Angie's first mack
    Angie's first mack

Checked out a few wrecks (not much activity) and headed over to a few rock ledges where we encountered these little fellas obviously chasing bait. As we saw a few of them dart under the boat, turned to find a mob of birds working the surface. As the kids were happy enough to sit and watch the birds do there thing. I had to throw a jig in amongst them and without much of a crank I got to check my drag washers worked on my reel Stradic. Not long after the getting our first the Mrs hooked up and got her fist mack to the boat.
We chased this school around for a bit and managed a few fish and the kids got to ratbag around in the Harbour while we chased them. So game plan didn’t go down the way we wanted but made do with what we had and produced some nice fish, just goes to show, stay motivated and persistence always pays off