Fishing gear and accessories move forward with technology, products, newer materials become more popular and more efficient and gadgets get more expensive. Fishing lures are in my opinion one area in which the pattern is just not true.


With newer plastic models being mass produced and often made with cheap materials, wooden lures on the other hand are made individually and very hard to find 2 lures the same. Its a long delicate process to make and finish wooden lures, involving many steps and ensuring all lures have the care taken to manufacture each item. This also ensures each lure to be unique and reinforced time and time again.

That’s exactly what you get when you purchase a Twin River Lure form your local tackle shop, a hand crafted lure made by a fisherman for fisherman. Nick Stock and his family create all types of lures for all types of fishing. Check him out on Facebook and say G’day from me.





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