Well the Palmerston Game Fishing Clubs 22nd Barra Nationals is finished up for the year and it was a a lot of fun to be apart of. Want to thanks all who were involved in the putting together of the event from the top Dallas Smith and his committee for making it run smoothly and all the marshals for keeping everyone honest on the water and the competitors for making the event possible, and of cause all my sponsors Haydon from Top End Regional Finance, Damian from Mad Keen, Nick from Twin River Lures, ACE Cranes and Vance from Line Cutterz. Without them it would of been a struggle to get there and participate in such a awesome event. Want to shout out to my family as well for being patient and supporting of my endeavor to fish these events and rub shoulders with some of the best fishos not only in the top end but Australia. 



The Nationals were hard fishing for us, locating them was hard they were hugging structure hard and didn’t seem to abundance of fish around even other teams were struggling with the finding of fish. We worked a few junctions and found a few working the lack there of bait at certain parts of the tide. The change of High tide was the better time of the tide to find them chasing the smaller bait and got a few to the boat just using a slow wind letting the timbre lure slowly roll back to the boat, during the competition the best time was just after lines in as the tide had already changed and was heading out most mornings. As the water started to dirty towards the low we moved out and chanced the cleaner water and at this stage was near Alligator Head, so we turned our attention to trolling the snags. It took us a while to event get a hit but wasn’t due to the lack of trying. we hooked up a few time to fish but couldn’t keep them on long enough to get a net close to them which was disappointing as we needed the points.

Towards the end of the week the tides were getting bigger and we started to see the bait rock up and were marking more fish on the sounder which we had not really seen in the earlier days. We trolled with the bait and were getting a lot of rat Barra which was good to see them around but bad as they were to small to even get a score from. We battled away and having our best day of catching fish on the last day where we had 6 scores to be able to hand in, we were stoked and were pretty pumped. So at the end we ended up 40th out of 62 teams not bad but was a bit disappointed with the end position but that’s fishing and hope to get an invite back next year to get another crack to try and push up into the top 20s.

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