A few days after competing in the Palmerston Game Fishing Clubs 22nd Barra Nationals (already spending a week on the Daly) my Brother in law Michael flew in with his family for a bit of this Barra therapy, So I had geared up this plan for something special. A trip down to the Moyle river located approximately 150kms south of Dundee by boat which would of only seen a hand full of boats for the start of the year, as Channel Island boat ramp is still closed due to road damage. Was looking good until we put in at Dundee boat ramp and had wind blowing reasonably hard, which would make for an interesting trip down the coast. As we push through the chop on Fog Bay we got past Point Blaze  and was looking all right, so we continued down until we started to see swell in Anson Bay and with the wind blowing against the tide we found it was not best to continue on down the coast. So we made a B line for the Daly river Mouth where we could get a rest and rethink our options. As we sat there looking out into the b  ay we had defeat upon us, so we made thedecision to run up the Daly and fish a few creeks we hope would still be fishing well.

As we reached our first destination we slowly creeped up the creek and found a lively little spot and dropped the electric motor and anchored for a while. About 20mins we had our first fish in the boat only a rat but still a fish nethertheless, we kept casting and bam I hooked up to a 62cm Barra and into the net it goes. At this point we are all starting to get our happy faces back and work the area for the rest of the day which we pulled 38 fish from ranging from 64cm to 20cm. As the arvo was slowly disappearing we decided to drift with the current and flick all the snags and back eddies till we reached the mouth, picking up a few fish as we go and using the Minn Kota to spot lock us if we had a fish on so we could net it easier or move us to the centre of the river as we floated down so flicking wouldn’t get difficult. as we neared the mouth Michael was flicking and got a hit as he striked the fish must of dropped the lure and got it snagged, all while he thought the fish has got it tried to mussel the fish and snapped his rod unfortunately i worked out not long after it was my rod. So after our little laugh session at Michael we got to the mouth we threw the anchor and called it a night.


Awoke on Day 2 to the sun shining and we were ready to get some more bent rods happening. Boys got breakfast happening as I warmed up the Suzuki ready for a quick strap to a new destination a bit further up the river. Cleaned up the deck and put our sleeping gear away and we were off to around Alligator head to see what we could wrangle up. At that point in the morning the tide was running out and were close to the change of tide, we went to a troll and finding structure and working them over a few runs. With much successes we hooked up early and had a fish in the boat within minutes of trolling so we continued to work that snag for a while and started to move down and work other snags that were producing. On one troll run we were running deep divers trying to bash the timbers when Michael was hooked up to a big fish, unlucky for him it ran in to structure and got snagged up we tried to get it out but to no luck. So we waited to see if it would jump like they do when they still have bling hanging off them but nothing. We continued our troll run and at the end turned around and started to head back as we did one of the lads called a fish head floating down the middle of the river as we approached it had Michael’s lure hanging it out of its gob and then we realized it got sharked, needless to say he was spewing to see it in such away. Was good to sit back for a bit and enjoy the company and the river, was short lived and we hooked up again to a bigger fish we were excited but on the second dance it spat the lure (one of them moment you see it happen in slow mo, fish one way the lure the other way) and left us a devastated and wanting more. An hour later Michael hooked up to a solid fish the run for cover and broke him off, which was a bugger then suddenly a head come to the surface and had his lure hanging out of it then we realised it had been sharked much to his disgusted. We were mainly using timber lures from Twin River Lures that dive to 4m and just sat above most of the structure, it was working a treat and on the low was banging on the timber/rocks to keep the Barra fired up and interested. As the arvo approached we snuck into a creek and we started working our magic again trying to upgrade our biggest, as you do always looking for your PB fish.

As the high tide was coming to the slow the water clarity was getting better and the fish seem to be getting more aggressive with our presented lures. Only took a couple of casts and we had a few fish to the boat was going well to be a great afternoon. Was extremely good to see the river so alive with so many small fish makes years to come more promising as these little tackers grow they will be of decent size next year. Hope to get another good wet so we see more little tackers on their way and make next year better again. Daly is fishing well at the moment the fish are in abundance, and will keep you entertained for hours. Get to know your gear from sounder to your Minn Kota as these items can help you locate fish/structure and helping you keep in the zone or locked on a certain snag to make sure you get the most out of your lure being in the water and amongst the structure.

Watch the video below of the trip.

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