I got the boat back early this week and thought since I have been off the water for best part of 2 months, I would go for a few hours out at Corroboree Billiabong for an dusk trip. Being a school day I had a happy little decky (my daughter) who was already to go as I picked her up from school, she was pumped and bubbly all arvo. We hit the water about 5 pm and headed on our way to a few spots that had fished well the previous year and lucky for us there was some surface action happening near some Lilly’s. The sun was rapidly falling from the sky and my daughter had already had a few tarpon hooked up and a couple of baby Barramundi which most had spat the hooks, she was having a blast.


So with 4 of us on the boat only 2 of us had the luck and was getting the lures stuck in some bucket mouths, 1 being my daughter and 2nd was Jordan who is a keen fisho as well where bringing in the fish while myself and my father in-law were probably letting the team down somewhat.  But wasn’t long till our crocodile friends turned up after hearing the commotion of the fish and stated to make some hectic noises and splashes chasing away the bait. So after the fun was interrupted by the snapping handbags we changed our tactics to trolling, by this time was getting late so was a good idea to push back to the boat ramp.


Marking fish on the sounder a few times they were sitting deep on the bottom while we trolled some deep divers and some vibes but only got a few hits with no connections. We pulled off the water about 10pm and headed home with my 5year old daughters grin from ear to ear still in her tired state. I would call that successful night when your child has a ripper time smashing through rats and tarpon, but i think its time to upgrade her combo to something a little more serious.   

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