Bit of fun at the east Alligator last week. Late start to head off as origin was the night before and some sore heads didn’t allow the early started anticipated. After getting away just before 9am we started the

3hr drive out to Kakadu for a family trip, and hopefully find some fish for the kids. arriving at Aurora Kakadu at just before lunch we set up camp and had some lunch, and unpacked the boat then we were

off. We pulled up to our first fishing spot and not a lot was happening but Shaun casting his rod out with a little bit of help, started winding in as young kids like to do hooked up to a rat and was excited like no tomorrow. Pulled up to spot 2 and a lot of rat were around and kids were into it, Kayla getting her new combo a work out and making sure it catches fish. As the sun was fading I managed to pull up a 58cm model to close the day out and the Mrs managed to hook up but didn’t get it to the boat.


On the 2nd Morning Kids were in the element and having a ball, lots of rats and managed to land 4 decent fish in the 60’s. My wife taking out the most fish for the 1.5 days at 32 to the boat. Even got the mother in law on to her first Barramundi.



Highlight of the trip was Kayla hooking up on the dying minutes of the trip, but with    her turning to me and saying she was snagged. Only to turn and see her fish launch out of the water and my emotion turned from not again to panic stations, but she was cool and content the whole time, even telling me when to net her fish! She’s learning quickly my girl gotta love it.

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