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Cat Fish Classic

Posted by joker on
Fishing Trips

In August we were lucky enough to attend the annual Palmerston Game Fishing Clubs Cat Fish Classic held at at the Marry river. Had a ball with the kids and was a great weekend with family and friends, with a lot of fish caught from catfish to Barra. But like usual the kids out fishing me with a lot of rats bough

t to the boat which was good to see the billabong alive will fish. But who would of thought it was so hard to catch a catfish get get points to have a crack at the tittle of being cat fish royalty, saying that still weren’t disappointed  with the fish caught alot of bait and chrome Barra swimming around.



Biggest fish in my boat was Jordan’s 67cm Barramundi which was a fat fish not caught far from the camp site. But both the kids landing a few tarpon and ridiculous amount of rat Barra cant get the smiles of the faces for days and keep nagging me to go camping and fishing again, got to chalk that up for a win in my book.