Pelagic Fishing Darwin

Went out for a fish out wide of Darwin on Friday with a mate/neighbor/captain Daryl. Took the chance while his father inlaw was up. We started early and were on the water and heading out before sun up. Started lumpy for the first part of the day as the swell was up but not a lot of chop. The wind stayed away for best part of the day. Which gave us the best chance to get amongst it and hopefully raise some fish.

As we approached our first spot we could see small pocket of birds working but nothing to exciting. We rigged up our battle sticks and as we saw a lot of Tuna commotion a couple of hundreds meters away. As we flicked Daryl’s father inlaw was the first to connect up solidly and land one on the deck, buggered and already not looking forward to the next encounter (I was using a Jarvis Walker BrandsFinn-Nor Megalite 4000 reel and a Zeikel 3-6kg spin) we composed our selves and moved to chase them again. Chased them for 1.5hrs – 2hrs and were everywhere.¬†Decision was made to troll and chase some of the bigger pelagic’s.

But wasn’t long and we were scrambling as we had multiple double and triple hook ups of Mack’s and tuna. We lost more than we put on the deck but thats all part of the fun. We had many close encounters with Big Tax collectors but were very fortunate as we only lost 1-2 fish to the big buggers, but we found once they jumped or saw them change direction quick we free spooled our reels to give them a chance to escape the jaws. Tired and drenched in sweat we thought it was time to hit a few reefs on the way home.¬† Picked up some Goldies, Snapper and a Cobia which is very successful. Captain had it sorted as he had knowledge of the are but also trusted his gear on board and knew how to read his sounder.


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