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Million Dollar Fish

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Fishy Talk

Million Dollar Fish


Million Dollar Fish

Million Dollar fish campaign logo

In 2015 the government initiated a competition Million Dollar Fish based in the NT.  To boost tourism during the off peak times. This competition has 101 Barramundi swimming around unknown locations in the territory. Out of the 101 barra 100 are wort $10k as one luck fish is worth $1million. This little competition that the NT government initiated generates invaluable national and international exposure. Which is putting the Territory on the map as the place to come to fish.

Little do many know 2015 (season 1) myself and 3 mates won a trip to chase the elusive Barra. One in a life time win and I got share it with  a good mate Darren, my brother inlaw Michael and my father Darren. Seems so long ago we were apart of the fun. The money is not the only reason to register there’s also prizes given away during the comp. Which as a result has seen the seasons have grown more and more as the years go on. Best bit is its not only for tourists, the locals can participate as well.

Competition dates are from 1st October to 28th February. This is plenty of time to get your rods and head to the Top End and bag a Barra. While in season 3 (2017) to date 4 barra have been claimed, a staggering $40K gone. These fish caught have been by locals and not in one area.

Since I have found the videos made from season 1 Million Dollar fish campaign I thought I would share them. They are attached below for your viewing.


Team Joker 2018 Barramundi Competitions

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Team Joker 2018 Barramundi Competitions

The Journey

Team Joker 2018 Barramundi Competitions

Author with his team down the Daly apart of the 2017 Barra Nationals

I have spent many man hours on the water of the Northern Territory. Yes i have spent a lot of money and time finding out how to fish certain rivers/dams/billabongs and what moon phase and tides to be there (still learning every trip). But that’s what I do for my sport and lifestyle I choose. I’ve heard the saying fishing is not the destination but the vehicle, and as I get more in depth into my fishing does that saying get closer to the truth.

Barramundi Classic 2018

Team Jokers invite to the Barramundi classic 2018

I look back now and still remember chasing bass in Wivenhoe with mates in a flat bottom punt and an electric motor. Dad would charge up the batteries prior to us lugging them down the boat ramp. Then grabbing our rods (which dad made) and lunching and start the epic journey across the dam. Sometimes miss judging our return and having to paddle back.  In the present I’m fishing out of a Formosa 5.5mtr classic territory with most bling you can get today, chasing the elusive Barramundi.

The only real difference between now and then is I have to pay my own way. Of recent years I have started a journey, getting into the competition circuit. It  has been extremely valuable on so many levels.

  • Meet great like minded anglers that enjoy fishing as much as me
  • I have had to adapt a plan on how I will attack each day, with what lures.
  • Work on methods that gets the fish to the boat quicker so it releases better
  • Study and use gear to suit me and my fishing not other peoples
  • Have a team I trust in my boat that have the knowledge like netting a Barramundi and discuss game plans

Barra Nationals logo 2018

Barra Nationals 2018 logo

In 2017 Team Joker was fortunate to be selected to fish 2 of the 3 big Barramundi competition. Both held in the Northern Territory. Kakadu Klash held on the South Alligator river, the first comp Team Joker fished, placing 31st out of 40 teams. Few weeks latter Barra Nationals held on the the Daly river, the 2nd comp Team Joker was apart of. Finishing 40th out of 62 teams and placing 15th out of the mixed teams. For our first go, cant be to disappointed as it taught us a few lessons.

In 2018 Team Joker will be fishing in Barra Nationals & Barramundi Classic. Both events are prestigious and are approximately a week long each. The Daly river will be getting a work out this year by the green and purple boat. We have not received an invitation yet to suggest we are fishing in the Kakadu Klash in 2018, we wait with high hopes. We will be greatly prepared for the comps coming next year, as we know now what to expect.


Mad Keen Products

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Tackle and Equipment

What Mad Keen is about

I have been working along side Mad Keen for almost a year. Living in the top end I need quality fishing attire that will last the harsh conditions. A local Australian company have products that are extremely advanced in technology for the price. Not only be able to stand up to the fish slimed punishment but also be easy to wear. Over the years I have found my self wearing a lot of fishing sublimates from various brands, and can tell you there is no brand that can cater for the wide range of fishos that Australia has. Mad Keen offers apparel for the weekend fisho, the comp fisho, the mud crabber and the fisho who just wants to have a beer and soak a bait.

The point is, that not all anglers want the same thing from their fishing experience… Mad Keen has you covered no matter what your preference and for all occasions. The team is so diverse its not only made up of comp fisherman but also the bloody good weekend fisho who wants clothing that repels blood, sweat…and beers

Mad Keen are not just cloths and hats, there a company that deals in all sorts of goodies. For instant MK Quivers (vibe lure) are a new edition to the family. Mug guards and Polarised  eyewear are also another great initiative. All products are good quality and comfortable and look the part on the water.

What Mad Keen Stands for

At the end of the day, we are all good mates sharing our passion. We love and obsession for all things fishing. If you love a good laugh and spinning a good yarn about ‘the one that got away’ around the campfire whilst looking bonzer in your quality fishing gear, then you’ll fit right in with the Mad Keen Australia. No matter who you are, or what level of enthusiasm you have for your fishing – from the beer stained lads “Livin It” up out at the reef, to the serious tournament winning seasoned pro – there’s a Mad Keen niche for you.


Junior Angler Education Clinic

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Fishy Talk

Great Initiative For Junior Angler Education Clinic

Earlier in the year Fishing Team Joker helped at 2017 Kids Clinic put on by the Palmerston game fishing club. Kids have the chance to go Barramundi fishing. What a hit it is with not only the kids but the parents to. It was a full on day as you can tell by some of the footage in the short video below. This event is definitely with out a doubt some thing to pride your self on when your involved. 80% of these kid would not normally get to do this or have done this out side of this event. With catching fish they also learn how to respect the fish and the water ways of the top end. Along with that learn a few rules from the local water police, let off some flares and tie some knots.


So even tho the get to catch a mighty Barramundi, they get to experience what it feels like to hold the top end legend. They also gain knowledge, understanding and self achievement of what they have just done. These kids cast and fight the fish them selves. The only help parents and volunteers give is netting the fish.

Spending most of the day at Humpty Doo Barramundi farm its always good to go back to the Palmerston Game Fishing Club for a dinner. Its was a perfect opportunity to talk with the parents and kids together. To find out how they felt about the day and what they learnt.

Next years PGFC Junior Clinic will be looking for new and willing candidates. Its a great day out of the house, where you can have fun and enjoy what the top end known for. Before you go home you can have a drink and a feed at the PGFC club house to unwind before heading home.

Kids clinic video

Fishing Local billabong with my daughter

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Fishing Trips

Fishing Billabongs with my daughter

My daughter has been nagging me for weeks to go fishing. Even worse now as she is on school holidays. So tides were not really in our favor, with just me and her going fishing. We thought a local billabong as its easy to get boats in and out. Decided to go half day with a 5am start and as she was still sound asleep putting her into the car.


As we approached the boat ramp not long after the sun arose. I sussed out the water and height of the billabong. It looked somewhat shallower to previous years I fished it. Getting the boat off and on the trailer was hard as the water was level with the bottom of the ramp. Made it hard to launch with out going to deep with the car.

Once on the water I moved across to the electric ‘Minn Kota’ to stat our hunt for the Barramundi. Wasn’t long before K-wee hooked up to her first Barra for the day.


Stoked she was one up and already her taunting of me for not having a fish yet had started. K-wee was running a Mad Keen vibe ‘Red Devil’ color which looked pretty and slayed another 4 Barramundi before midday. Releasing barramundi highlighted in the video the safest way up here. I had a decent fish on but lost him at the back of the boat which was my own fault due to running light leader to gain more strikes from the fish hiding in the structure.


K-wee is starting to get he bug as she wants photos with majority of her fish. I have made a quick video of our day with a couple of fish that K-wee caught hope you enjoy as much as she did.