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Mad Keen Products

Posted by joker on
Tackle and Equipment

What Mad Keen is about

I have been working along side Mad Keen for almost a year. Living in the top end I need quality fishing attire that will last the harsh conditions. A local Australian company have products that are extremely advanced in technology for the price. Not only be able to stand up to the fish slimed punishment but also be easy to wear. Over the years I have found my self wearing a lot of fishing sublimates from various brands, and can tell you there is no brand that can cater for the wide range of fishos that Australia has. Mad Keen offers apparel for the weekend fisho, the comp fisho, the mud crabber and the fisho who just wants to have a beer and soak a bait.

The point is, that not all anglers want the same thing from their fishing experience… Mad Keen has you covered no matter what your preference and for all occasions. The team is so diverse its not only made up of comp fisherman but also the bloody good weekend fisho who wants clothing that repels blood, sweat…and beers

Mad Keen are not just cloths and hats, there a company that deals in all sorts of goodies. For instant MK Quivers (vibe lure) are a new edition to the family. Mug guards and Polarised  eyewear are also another great initiative. All products are good quality and comfortable and look the part on the water.

What Mad Keen Stands for

At the end of the day, we are all good mates sharing our passion. We love and obsession for all things fishing. If you love a good laugh and spinning a good yarn about ‘the one that got away’ around the campfire whilst looking bonzer in your quality fishing gear, then you’ll fit right in with the Mad Keen Australia. No matter who you are, or what level of enthusiasm you have for your fishing – from the beer stained lads “Livin It” up out at the reef, to the serious tournament winning seasoned pro – there’s a Mad Keen niche for you.