Million Dollar Fish


Million Dollar Fish

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In 2015 the government initiated a competition Million Dollar Fish based in the NT.  To boost tourism during the off peak times. This competition has 101 Barramundi swimming around unknown locations in the territory. Out of the 101 barra 100 are wort $10k as one luck fish is worth $1million. This little competition that the NT government initiated generates invaluable national and international exposure. Which is putting the Territory on the map as the place to come to fish.

Little do many know 2015 (season 1) myself and 3 mates won a trip to chase the elusive Barra. One in a life time win and I got share it with  a good mate Darren, my brother inlaw Michael and my father Darren. Seems so long ago we were apart of the fun. The money is not the only reason to register there’s also prizes given away during the comp. Which as a result has seen the seasons have grown more and more as the years go on. Best bit is its not only for tourists, the locals can participate as well.

Competition dates are from 1st October to 28th February. This is plenty of time to get your rods and head to the Top End and bag a Barra. While in season 3 (2017) to date 4 barra have been claimed, a staggering $40K gone. These fish caught have been by locals and not in one area.

Since I have found the videos made from season 1 Million Dollar fish campaign I thought I would share them. They are attached below for your viewing.


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