Garmin Panoptix

I have recently installed an Garmin Panoptix PS30 transducer to my 550 Formosa. Panoptix is what Garmin call this awesome technology advancement, you can actually see fish and bait swimming around under your boat — in real time even while stationary. You get 3 remarkable views: LiveVü Down, RealVü 3-D Down and RealVü 3-D Historical.  I went to a local Billabong to test out this transducer, I didnt end up with any good screen shots of the 3D down or historical but in the videos below i got some great footage of bait fish chasing my 20g 95mm Mad Keen vibe.


Now for any one not up in the loop with LiveVü settings I can explain a little more. This function provides real-time moving sonar images. You can see fish swimming under the boat. You can see small baitfish and large target fish swimming around, even your lure. Proven in the videos below. Very easy technology to use and in the coming weeks I hope to get out more on the blue water and use the RealVü 3-D Down and RealVü 3-D Historical and post some videos like the ones I have collected for LiveVü.

A quick explanation on the videos below. You will see the my lure drop down on the left hand side of the screen to the bottom. I jig it up and let it drop to the bottom again. You will see it attracts fish to the general area. You will see a pink stream after the fish that dart off quickly that have disrupted the water around them. Red dots moving around the screen also being fish (mullet, tarpon or sooty grunter). Unfortunately its was tested in shallow water and didn’t get to see any bigger fish in the time we were testing.

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