Overnight at the Rig

Went out overnight to the Rig with some great lads the other night and found us in a bit of hurt. Not long after the sun fell we were on our way out to the big blue. Was slow to start with but we sounded around and managed to find small bait schools. After a few passes found the larger fish working under them. Took a few drops of our jigs to get some action happening. A lot of Trevalley and Mack’s were around. They were well fed and gave some of our gear a work out. Our jig collection slowly minimising after every drop. Even the wire traces were getting smoked and cut off.


The Quantum Cabo 4000 reel for a little reel packs quite a punch. Turning some of them bigger Macks before they disappeared under the rig. Was that intense even when we had our cook up in the early hours and we couldn’t finish eating before hooking up again, fighting fish with half eaten sausages or lamb chops hanging out of our mouths why we tried to bring the fish to the boat. The poor decky couldn’t quite keep up and was hurting early, so passed out for a few hours (you can see in the photo below on cast deck). Great night and even watching the build up storms around us hitting the Tiwis, Darwin and surrounds as we fished on with stars above us most of the night.



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