Joker and TERF

Top End Regional Finance as you know isn’t a fishing brand nor is it a boat or tackle dealer. On the other hand the crew at TERF do make wishlists, dreams and pride and joys come to life. The brand is as it states a local company based in the Top End for everyone. Haydon and his family are locals and has been up here for many years and understands the top end way of life. He looks after locals with good rates and will go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable.  I know how daunting it is finding loans with big organisations as when I was buying my boat 2 years ago, wasn’t looking good for me as my wife new what she wanted and wouldn’t settle for anything less. I approached Haydon and his team and must admit that the only reason i have my boat today is because of this legend. 2 years on and his business has slowly expanded and offers a lot more to people.


So if you are looking for a competitive rate for Car, Boat or what ever you want talk this local lad. He will look after you even if your interstate. He’s ready to tackle what Australia has to offer if you need to finance it. He offers a great range of products to finance some outdoor fun. Enjoy a bit of skiing or fishing? For some of fishos this is called boating due to lack of fish. Need that quad, buggy or that caravan for your trip around Australia? We are here to help you achieve that dream.

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