Well first real trip in the boat for the year saw Jordan, K-wee and myself stuck on the flats near Sampan Creek (Shady Camp). Once at the mouth of Sampan we had a few troll runs and not a lot was happening on the sounder. On that note we headed out to work a few coastal creeks. The run off coming out of the coastal creeks were looking great. After working a few of the drains we over stayed our welcome. Two things to always do up here when fishing is to watch your sounder and know when the tides changes.

While on the Minn Kota for a while and we notice that the prop was stirring up sand and mud. We panicked and tried to get to deeper water. As you you can tell by the photo to the right that didn’t quite happen. Lucky enough I had all the Railblaza gear mounted. Placing the IPad in its frame and in the consoles star port and watched Deadpool till we started floating again.



Not all bad news tho we did manage fish which picked our spirits up before we went home.

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