As the territory has just a had a couple of extremely wet months, there is a lot of hype in the air about this years run off. Not only for one river system either, at the moment shady seems to producing the good fish. There is a lot of action for this time of year with reports of 80 odd boats hitting the system over one day of the weekend. Days like this you have be very trusting in your gear, not only in your rod and reel but your sounder as well. Finding fish before everyone else, speaks for it self. But to get them in the boat before everyone surrounds you like seagulls to a chip.

Having a gamer plan is good but don’t feel like you have to follow it. As we trolled the mouth we found a lot of bait in all areas of the water column. We didn’t stray far from the bait trolling lures at various depths. we did this for a bit and seen a few rats get caught. So we changed and headed up the river for a bit and flicked some run off drains. There were fish everywhere, wasn’t many casts  we got the lure back before being touched up. As we spent some time up there the tide was coming back in and we needed to get back to the  mouth. Which we started trawling again, reassessing the situation. We did mark a few barramundi on the sounder and continued doing our thing. Wasn’t long till we had our first decent fish in the boat. A solid thready (which are good eating) smashed my lure and it was on.

Continued marking bait/ fish and working the schools as best we can with the other boats working in the same area around us. By the end of the day we ended up boating 12 barramundi and 2 threadfin salmon. So was a pretty successful day to say the least with the new rod from LJ custom rods paired with my HD Quantum reel was a great combo for tackling these fish.





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