Well what a blast the last 3 days were. We left Dundee Wednesday afternoon and headed out to some coastal creeks and blue water action. Want to thank “The Law” Naish for being a dead set good bloke and putting the trip together.



Had some ruff weather the first day heading to our first creek, the only job I had to do was put the bungs in and I may of possibly forgot to do the 2 deck bungs (to make it a wet deck or dry deck). We only noticed this around point blaze, funny enough I had to fix my wrong and went for a swim and like that the world was fixed. On our way we did notice a lot of activity of birds working and did manage some tuna (no photos couldn’t find the camera), but we were off to a good start nether the less. As we made our first creek we called it quits had a fresh water shower to remove the salt from the spray and called it a night.





Day 2 things started looking up for us we found some Barra on an outgoing tide which perked us up a little as it took us a while to find them. Bit after lunch we started to troll as it was still and hot was good to get the AC going. After trolling for a while and a few rats Naish hooked a decent fish, didn’t fight much so he called it for a 70 so i just grabbed the Boga grips for a quick release. Nothing but drag could be hear as I run to the cast deck to tetris the cargo to get the cast net. The big girl was well feed and went 91cm which picked our spirits up. Once the 91 was landed we didn’t noticed we come to rest on a sand bar. Oh and i forgot to mention the trim motor had failed at some point so with the motor firmly in the sand we couldn’t push the big bugger off. as you can see i didn’t let that stop me catching fish.

Day 3 saw us in fine form after we had a few Bevos that night. Up at first light cracked out the bacon, salmi, cheese and tomato breakfast sanga. Filling our athletic bodies we had our game pan and we were off went too the top of a creek for the high tide as we saw fresh water still coming down the day before and waited at a junction for turn of the tide. Well if i had to say if any plan was solid it was that one. Not even 30 minutes after the tide had turned we were on with double hookups and thumbing drags in tight county. These fish were well feed and angry, we had landed a lot of Barra and was constant for most of the run out. The biggest going 92cm and she took some convincing to come to the net. I was stoked to land such a good quilty fish like that in such tight country.

Just before low we headed to try to get to the mouth so we could hit some blue water action. Naish “The Law” can fish, and while I’m chasing chrome this bloke knows what gold looks like and he knows where they hide. We were fishing in literally 6 metres of water and these brutes were hungry.

So we fished until dark and headed for cover for a nights sleep and prep the boat for our journey home and by this stage was satisfied, scratched the itch you could say and I was pretty content with what was achieved over the past days good and bad.







Short video of the trip below


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