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The Railblaza line of products has improved the way I fish, whether I’m trolling out wide for Tuna or Macks to snag bashing the timbers when I’m up the creeks chasing Barra.


Railblaza has helped me set up my boat without spending a massive amount of money. Their products are innovative and simple to install.


The iPad mount is one of these products.  The iPad mount has allowed me to connect my iPad pro as a second screen anywhere on my boat. Using the Wi-Fi from my sounder I am now able to flick/troll and still be able to watch for any fish activity under the boat or off to the sides. I now no longer need to spend my entire fishing trip going back to my sounder at the back of my boat to check activity.

The iPad mount is so easy to install due to the many types of star ports Railblaza have to offer.  From

the basic star port, to the rail mount (different sizes available), side mount or even now quick port, I can move my iPad mount or other products like the rod holder II and cup holders anywhere on my boat.  To me this was a game changer as I no longer had to fix mount anything permanently on my boat, I could now move it around my boat to suit the type of fishing I wanted to achieve.


The iPad mount is just one of the many products Railblaza have to offer.  You can also take your fishing to the next level with mounts for your GoPro or even day camera gear – you’ll never miss that

great moment again! Railblaza have products to suit almost every need on a boat.  I have had a lot of anglers jump on my boat, from novice to advance.  These fishos are so impressed with the Railblaza products that they have gone out and purchased gear for their own boats.


Early morning coffee

The Railblaza products are in a league of their own.  Every angler sets up their boat or kayak differently, Railblaza have created a simple but effective product to suit everyone’s style. See the catalogue at https://www.railblaza.com/products/