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D-Flector Stone Gaurds

Posted by joker on

I think that stone guards are a must for any boat owner, no more so than a boat owner here in the harsh Top End.

I’ve been the owner of a number of styles of stone guards over the time.  These have all been measured and welded to suit my boat.  All these guards were fantastic, however over time the welds in the guards started to weaken and crack.  My guards became a risk to my boat and vehicle rather than a safety measure.

I wanted to find something that could protect my boat and withstand the harsh outback roads of the Top End.

When I noticed my last set of stone guards starting to crack, I jumped on the web and started searching for something more suitable to my needs. A mate of mine suggested looking into D-Flector Stone guards.

I started doing some research on D-Flector online and I noticed the D450 guards.  They looked like they would protect the boat from pretty much everything and weren’t going to cost a kidney.  Best of all they looked extremely easy to install.

I had a chat with Scott at D-Flector and he was excited to tell me that they had a new product on the market, the D500.  From what I had seen on the internet I was excited to see how they could improve on the D450.  They had though and the D500, the Rolls Royce of the boat stone guards, were available for purchase.  Made out of heavy duty, high resistance materials, the D500 can withstand pretty much everything you throw at it.  For a boat owner who is constantly driving 100’s of kilometres to get to my fishing destination, this was a product that got me interested.

These stone guards are built to last. D-Flector stone guards have been manufactured with heavy duty “rip stop” mesh which helps not only absorb the energy of the stones/debris it also, as the name entails, deflects them away from your pride and joy.  The frames are also manufactured without any welds, which eliminates my previous issue of cracked guards.

I’m a big fan of supporting Australian business and D-Flector are not only Australian owed but all of the guards are manufactured right here in Oz!  D-Flector also back all of their products with  3 year warranty.

I am proud to be the dealer for D-Flector in the Top End, providing both sales and installations of the D500’s.  If you would like further information on the D500 or to request a quote please contact me by email at aaron@teamjoker.com.au or private message me on Facebook @fishing_teamjoker.  For dealers outside of the Top End jump on the website https://d-flector.com.au/ to find your closest dealer.