Well what a weekend of fishing with the family. Went on the yearly outing to the Tiwi islands with Palmerston Game Fishing Club crew. Want to shout out to Tony and Taz for taking Northstar 3 across and letting everyone use your boat as a home point.

It was a fantastic weekend with great people and exceptional fishing with a couple of lads landing there first ever black Jew fish and a 1m+ at that.


Leaving early Friday morning we headed out to be met by some rough seas. After getting pounded most of the way across, it started to smooth out about 20kms from Aspley straight. Once we got inside the straight it was like glass.


After picking up the kids and the Mrs from the mother ship we decided to search for some grounds. As we headed up the straight managed to bump into a few teams and some were already landing some decent fish. Well Angie wasn’t wasting any time she had dropped to the bottom before I took the motor out of gear.

So late arvo we started to find some big fish pushing through with both Angie and Kayla hooking 1m+ Jew fish. Kayla’s fish almost pulled her and the rod in went it took off. Glad she was smart enough to smash the rod onto the gunwale and hold on. Was a tense moment as I could of lost not only my daughter but also the rod and reel combo over the edge. Not long after that Angie was pulling in the beasts from the deep and was starting to ache from the fight these beauty’s put up.

After a good arvo sesh we decided it was time to find somewhere to crash and refuel for the day to follow. Was a peace full night and a typical territory build up night, lying on the cart deck watching the storms roll around us and putting on a show while still getting a light wind to keep it comfortable.

Want to shout out out to all the participants who fished this years Tiwi Island adventure with us and the PGFC it was fun with a heap of shenanigans and stories shared. Can’t wait for next years trip.

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