Fishing Shandy Runoff 2019

Went out for an exploration trip with Mikey from NT Fishing Adventures to Shandy Camp. The fishing was tough and found the weather was against us but as most fishos up here do we persevered. We launched at 4:30am, in which we took no time hanging around and rocketed to the mouth to see what was happening.

We marked up a lot of fish on the side and down scan but was hard work getting them to at least bump our lures. We trolled for a bit to checked out where they were hiding and feeding. after a few troll runs they were found hugging a bank  near an inlet. We changed our tactics from trolling as we only seen one fish caught while we were there, to flicking a prawn and a vibe. On my first cast I managed to hook up to a mid 50’s model fish. Was a really good feeling to know you can trust your sounder is telling you the truth.


As the tide changed we managed a few more Barramundi. Wind and the rolling waves was dirtying the water as the water moved into the mouth. We stayed a bit longer and decided to head up stream and find some runoffs. Mikey landed a few more fish but was hard work to land some scales.


In the Video below you will see we end up at on of the barrages having a look around. Its an epic sight, which to me never gets old. Enjoy the small film that Mikey put together.

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