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Tiwi Adventures

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Well what a weekend of fishing with the family. Went on the yearly outing to the Tiwi islands with Palmerston Game Fishing Club crew. Want to shout out to Tony and Taz for taking Northstar 3 across and letting everyone use your boat as a home point.

It was a fantastic weekend with great people and exceptional fishing with a couple of lads landing there first ever black Jew fish and a 1m+ at that.


Leaving early Friday morning we headed out to be met by some rough seas. After getting pounded most of the way across, it started to smooth out about 20kms from Aspley straight. Once we got inside the straight it was like glass.


After picking up the kids and the Mrs from the mother ship we decided to search for some grounds. As we headed up the straight managed to bump into a few teams and some were already landing some decent fish. Well Angie wasn’t wasting any time she had dropped to the bottom before I took the motor out of gear.

So late arvo we started to find some big fish pushing through with both Angie and Kayla hooking 1m+ Jew fish. Kayla’s fish almost pulled her and the rod in went it took off. Glad she was smart enough to smash the rod onto the gunwale and hold on. Was a tense moment as I could of lost not only my daughter but also the rod and reel combo over the edge. Not long after that Angie was pulling in the beasts from the deep and was starting to ache from the fight these beauty’s put up.

After a good arvo sesh we decided it was time to find somewhere to crash and refuel for the day to follow. Was a peace full night and a typical territory build up night, lying on the cart deck watching the storms roll around us and putting on a show while still getting a light wind to keep it comfortable.

Want to shout out out to all the participants who fished this years Tiwi Island adventure with us and the PGFC it was fun with a heap of shenanigans and stories shared. Can’t wait for next years trip.

D-Flector Stone Gaurds

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I think that stone guards are a must for any boat owner, no more so than a boat owner here in the harsh Top End.

I’ve been the owner of a number of styles of stone guards over the time.  These have all been measured and welded to suit my boat.  All these guards were fantastic, however over time the welds in the guards started to weaken and crack.  My guards became a risk to my boat and vehicle rather than a safety measure.

I wanted to find something that could protect my boat and withstand the harsh outback roads of the Top End.

When I noticed my last set of stone guards starting to crack, I jumped on the web and started searching for something more suitable to my needs. A mate of mine suggested looking into D-Flector Stone guards.

I started doing some research on D-Flector online and I noticed the D450 guards.  They looked like they would protect the boat from pretty much everything and weren’t going to cost a kidney.  Best of all they looked extremely easy to install.

I had a chat with Scott at D-Flector and he was excited to tell me that they had a new product on the market, the D500.  From what I had seen on the internet I was excited to see how they could improve on the D450.  They had though and the D500, the Rolls Royce of the boat stone guards, were available for purchase.  Made out of heavy duty, high resistance materials, the D500 can withstand pretty much everything you throw at it.  For a boat owner who is constantly driving 100’s of kilometres to get to my fishing destination, this was a product that got me interested.

These stone guards are built to last. D-Flector stone guards have been manufactured with heavy duty “rip stop” mesh which helps not only absorb the energy of the stones/debris it also, as the name entails, deflects them away from your pride and joy.  The frames are also manufactured without any welds, which eliminates my previous issue of cracked guards.

I’m a big fan of supporting Australian business and D-Flector are not only Australian owed but all of the guards are manufactured right here in Oz!  D-Flector also back all of their products with  3 year warranty.

I am proud to be the dealer for D-Flector in the Top End, providing both sales and installations of the D500’s.  If you would like further information on the D500 or to request a quote please contact me by email at or private message me on Facebook @fishing_teamjoker.  For dealers outside of the Top End jump on the website to find your closest dealer.


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The Railblaza line of products has improved the way I fish, whether I’m trolling out wide for Tuna or Macks to snag bashing the timbers when I’m up the creeks chasing Barra.


Railblaza has helped me set up my boat without spending a massive amount of money. Their products are innovative and simple to install.


The iPad mount is one of these products.  The iPad mount has allowed me to connect my iPad pro as a second screen anywhere on my boat. Using the Wi-Fi from my sounder I am now able to flick/troll and still be able to watch for any fish activity under the boat or off to the sides. I now no longer need to spend my entire fishing trip going back to my sounder at the back of my boat to check activity.

The iPad mount is so easy to install due to the many types of star ports Railblaza have to offer.  From

the basic star port, to the rail mount (different sizes available), side mount or even now quick port, I can move my iPad mount or other products like the rod holder II and cup holders anywhere on my boat.  To me this was a game changer as I no longer had to fix mount anything permanently on my boat, I could now move it around my boat to suit the type of fishing I wanted to achieve.


The iPad mount is just one of the many products Railblaza have to offer.  You can also take your fishing to the next level with mounts for your GoPro or even day camera gear – you’ll never miss that

great moment again! Railblaza have products to suit almost every need on a boat.  I have had a lot of anglers jump on my boat, from novice to advance.  These fishos are so impressed with the Railblaza products that they have gone out and purchased gear for their own boats.


Early morning coffee

The Railblaza products are in a league of their own.  Every angler sets up their boat or kayak differently, Railblaza have created a simple but effective product to suit everyone’s style. See the catalogue at




Gearing up for a big 2017

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Well 2017 has arrived and here I am gearing up for a big fishing year (with any luck) with 2 major invite only events sending invites to me to participate. I never thought I would of made it to Barra nationals or even Kakadu Klash for that matter but here I am in 2017 ticking goals off. I must say the year is shaping up to be a good runoff with the rain fall being close to average (which we haven’t seen in a few years).

Upon that I have been fishing quite a bit in 2016 as I had put 200hrs on my Suzuki 150, which seen me out in to some remote places of the top end and hope to be getting out there again this year. I got a trip to the Moyle on the cards and possibly a trip to Melville Island not in the not to distant future with my brother inlaw coming up to get some of the glory in May hopefully the Territory put on a show for him.

I do want to thanks my sponsors old and new for helping me start my 2017 with a bang and getting me ready to get amongst the fishing both Barra and Blue water.

Kakadu Klash

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Well In approximately 8 weeks the tinny will be packed up and hitting the Arnhem Highway out to the wonderful Kakadu to participate in the Kakadu Klash fishing event held by the Arura resorts. I’m pretty excited to be participating in this event as once again its an invite only event.