Fishing Trips

Finnis Fresh

Fishing Fresh Finniss Well was an exciting weekend with the Palmerston Game Fishing Club, suppose to go blue water but the wind stopped that idea. Was decided to head to Fresh Finniss and glad we did as Angie finally got her first legal Barra of 73cm on a Blinky’s Lures that I won in Bereaved […]

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NT Barra Fishing & exploring runoff floodplains

Fishing Shandy Runoff 2019 Went out for an exploration trip with Mikey from NT Fishing Adventures to Shandy Camp. The fishing was tough and found the weather was against us but as most fishos up here do we persevered. We launched at 4:30am, in which we took no time hanging around and rocketed to the mouth […]

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Tiwi Adventures

        Well what a weekend of fishing with the family. Went on the yearly outing to the Tiwi islands with Palmerston Game Fishing Club crew. Want to shout out to Tony and Taz for taking Northstar 3 across and letting everyone use your boat as a home point. It was a fantastic […]

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School Holidays Camping and Fishing

School holidays took the family on a fishing and touristy adventure. Started with camp at Jabiru and getting out to Ubirr for the sunset and nibbles with kids. Introduced Kayla to rock climbing and she was off with her mum giving her the nickname mountain goat. We snuck out to Jim Jim falls the next […]

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Coastal Creeks and Blue Water

  Well what a blast the last 3 days were. We left Dundee Wednesday afternoon and headed out to some coastal creeks and blue water action. Want to thank “The Law” Naish for being a dead set good bloke and putting the trip together.     Had some ruff weather the first day heading to […]

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A Day At Shady

As the territory has just a had a couple of extremely wet months, there is a lot of hype in the air about this years run off. Not only for one river system either, at the moment shady seems to producing the good fish. There is a lot of action for this time of year […]

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Shady Flats Fishing

  Well first real trip in the boat for the year saw Jordan, K-wee and myself stuck on the flats near Sampan Creek (Shady Camp). Once at the mouth of Sampan we had a few troll runs and not a lot was happening on the sounder. On that note we headed out to work a […]

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Overnight at the Rig

Overnight at the Rig Went out overnight to the Rig with some great lads the other night and found us in a bit of hurt. Not long after the sun fell we were on our way out to the big blue. Was slow to start with but we sounded around and managed to find small bait […]

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Fishing Local billabong with my daughter

Fishing Billabongs with my daughter My daughter has been nagging me for weeks to go fishing. Even worse now as she is on school holidays. So tides were not really in our favor, with just me and her going fishing. We thought a local billabong as its easy to get boats in and out. Decided to […]

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Pelagic fishing wide of Dariwn

Pelagic Fishing Darwin Went out for a fish out wide of Darwin on Friday with a mate/neighbor/captain Daryl. Took the chance while his father inlaw was up. We started early and were on the water and heading out before sun up. Started lumpy for the first part of the day as the swell was up […]

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Harbour Looking Good

Have been hitting the harbour over a few days and it has not yet failed to impress, we have found a few Queenies and Barra. Have had a few good evenings out on the water with Jordan and Daryl, as we got double hook up’s on some nice Queen fish. Its always good to duck out […]

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Cat Fish Classic

In August we were lucky enough to attend the annual Palmerston Game Fishing Clubs Cat Fish Classic held at at the Marry river. Had a ball with the kids and was a great weekend with family and friends, with a lot of fish caught from catfish to Barra. But like usual the kids out fishing […]

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Exploration in the Tinny

  Went out to Kakadu on a late night run chasing the elusive Barramundi. A good mate Jordan and I ended up getting out there early and getting the little tinny out and flicking a line. We worked some heavy structured areas sounding fish but had troubles getting them to strike maybe due to the water temp […]

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Walking Kakadu

  Went for a quick drive out to kakadu for the monthly fishing comp for Palmerston Game Fishing Club Inc. “On the Bongs” had a good day with dad. Walked a few of the top sections around some remote billabongs in Kakadu. Was a slow day with lots of hits but not many connections and as […]

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East Alligator

  Bit of fun at the east Alligator last week. Late start to head off as origin was the night before and some sore heads didn’t allow the early started anticipated. After getting away just before 9am we started the 3hr drive out to Kakadu for a family trip, and hopefully find some fish for […]

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An arvo on Corroboree Billabong

  I got the boat back early this week and thought since I have been off the water for best part of 2 months, I would go for a few hours out at Corroboree Billiabong for an dusk trip. Being a school day I had a happy little decky (my daughter) who was already to […]

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Buddy Boats 2017

What an event put on by the Palmerston Game Fishing Club yet again, My self and my wife were very honoured again to be a part of PGFC’s Buddy Boats for 2017. Buddy Boats is an event were the awesome people from the Palmerston Game Fishing Club take out the wonderful people from HPA in […]

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Trip to the Daly

A few days after competing in the Palmerston Game Fishing Clubs 22nd Barra Nationals (already spending a week on the Daly) my Brother in law Michael flew in with his family for a bit of this Barra therapy, So I had geared up this plan for something special. A trip down to the Moyle river […]

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Angie’s First Mack

Took the family out for the day on the water last weekend, was hoping to do a spot of camping in the boat overnight but weather was not in our favour. We got on the water early to try to push wide before the storm rocked up but was a little to lumpy for the […]

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Mrs and My day out

A few months back myself and my wife managed to find a sitter for the kids for a day and high tailed out to South Gutter in the NT. Was a great day out chasing a few Trevally near the Rig located slightly north of the tip of south gutter. We spent most of the […]

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The Mighty Moyle

In May a good mate Darren and I went for a trip down to the Moyle where he popped his Barramundi cherry. We arrived in the wee hours on a Monday morning and camped till sunrise. It wasn’t long after sunrise that we hooked a solid 91cm Barra. A few hours past and a few […]

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