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Kakadu Klash 2019

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Kakadu Klash 2019 was a big week for Team Joker, held on the South Alligator River in Kakadu National park. A massive Thanks needs to go out to Aurora Kakadu staff and volunteers for putting on a great event. Tough week for a few but we found the fish and stayed with them. We had a fantastic finish this year with 15 teams sharing placings in the top 10. Want to thank my team members Angie and Gary for the past week, it was epic! Also want to thanks my sponsors Top End Regional Finance, Mad Keen Fishing, D-Flector Stone Guards, Northern Propeller Service/ Team Solas Propellers, Tonic Eyewear and RAILBLAZA for making this possible.

This comp is very unique, only fishing competition held in World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park. Not only that with 1 biggest fish a day counting to your score making this comp quality over quantity . This year my self and team mate Gary did some pre-fishing up to the competition. We rocked up Monday morning and put the boat on the water and decided to head up stream. Our main goal was to find where the fish were holding up and make sure we could find them a couple days in a row.

We spent 3 days before the comp on the river working out tides movements and changes. To our surprise we found them from the first hour of being on the water. We had a cracker few days landing some solid Barramundi before the competition had started. With myself and Gary both landing some good fish in the 90s (90cm+).

Day 1

Well it didn’t start out the best of ways. I wasn’t paying a attention at 5:45am in the morning and put us up onto a sand bar. So the first 1.5hrs of Kakadu Klash we waved and smiled to all the teams as they passed us. Once we were floating again, we were at WOT (wide open throttle) to our first spot. It wasn’t long and I made up for my error with a fat 76cm hitting the deck reasonably early in the day, we were off the mark and in the comp.



Day 2

Wasn’t as eventful with the sandbars, the fishing was a little harder than the day before. We had to work for our fish not landing the first one till bit after lunch. Most frustrating bit was being able to see them moving through and working down the bank but not take a lure. Gary was convinced a Barramundi was sitting amongst some big diamond scale mullet. He flicked his lure past the bait and set off twitching erratically at a slow retrieve pace. We saw the silver slab come from the depths of mullet and just whack this lure, it was not only impressive but satisfying to watch. After a hectic battle we got her in the net and on the deck, going 73cm day 2 was a success.


Day 3

Saw myself a bit thrown back as both years I have fished the klash Team Joker have never caught a scoring fish all 3 days. A bit under the pressure to push myself to achieve this goal took my team back a little. I was a little fiery as we were seeing schools of Barra coming through, yet again nothing was interested. We moved boat to a different position, to which I suggested to make lunch as I needed a time out. Moments latter hearing her make a “OWWW” sound to a “I just got a hit”. She was winding in the slack to find the line go tight and a Barramundi erupted a couple metres in front of us. The 69cm fish was a sight as it was the only action we have had all day. Pressure was off when we got the Barra to the deck and we were excited. I felt epic that we managed to get 3 scoring fish a day was a great feeling. I managed to upgrade in the afternoon to a 73cm Barra out of some tight timbers.


The week was epic starting and finishing on epic highs. Finished equal 7th overall for the 3 days on 222 points. Big thanks go out to my sponsors and a massive thanks to my team mates Angie and Gary. Cant wait for 2020 Kakadu Klash.



Team Joker 2018 Barramundi Competitions

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Team Joker 2018 Barramundi Competitions

The Journey

Team Joker 2018 Barramundi Competitions

Author with his team down the Daly apart of the 2017 Barra Nationals

I have spent many man hours on the water of the Northern Territory. Yes i have spent a lot of money and time finding out how to fish certain rivers/dams/billabongs and what moon phase and tides to be there (still learning every trip). But that’s what I do for my sport and lifestyle I choose. I’ve heard the saying fishing is not the destination but the vehicle, and as I get more in depth into my fishing does that saying get closer to the truth.

Barramundi Classic 2018

Team Jokers invite to the Barramundi classic 2018

I look back now and still remember chasing bass in Wivenhoe with mates in a flat bottom punt and an electric motor. Dad would charge up the batteries prior to us lugging them down the boat ramp. Then grabbing our rods (which dad made) and lunching and start the epic journey across the dam. Sometimes miss judging our return and having to paddle back.  In the present I’m fishing out of a Formosa 5.5mtr classic territory with most bling you can get today, chasing the elusive Barramundi.

The only real difference between now and then is I have to pay my own way. Of recent years I have started a journey, getting into the competition circuit. It  has been extremely valuable on so many levels.

  • Meet great like minded anglers that enjoy fishing as much as me
  • I have had to adapt a plan on how I will attack each day, with what lures.
  • Work on methods that gets the fish to the boat quicker so it releases better
  • Study and use gear to suit me and my fishing not other peoples
  • Have a team I trust in my boat that have the knowledge like netting a Barramundi and discuss game plans

Barra Nationals logo 2018

Barra Nationals 2018 logo

In 2017 Team Joker was fortunate to be selected to fish 2 of the 3 big Barramundi competition. Both held in the Northern Territory. Kakadu Klash held on the South Alligator river, the first comp Team Joker fished, placing 31st out of 40 teams. Few weeks latter Barra Nationals held on the the Daly river, the 2nd comp Team Joker was apart of. Finishing 40th out of 62 teams and placing 15th out of the mixed teams. For our first go, cant be to disappointed as it taught us a few lessons.

In 2018 Team Joker will be fishing in Barra Nationals & Barramundi Classic. Both events are prestigious and are approximately a week long each. The Daly river will be getting a work out this year by the green and purple boat. We have not received an invitation yet to suggest we are fishing in the Kakadu Klash in 2018, we wait with high hopes. We will be greatly prepared for the comps coming next year, as we know now what to expect.